Josh Jacobs

A Networks and Security professional with over 6 years of experience in the field. I also have experience in Systems Administration for large Virtual Machine and Container deployments (both Windows and Linux).

In my spare time I enjoy writing software in various languages (mostly GO, Python and C#), containerizing that software and deploying it to Docker and Kubernetes.

When away from my keyboard, I also cherish time outdoors, hiking or downhill mountain biking whenever I can.

My Expertise

Systems Administration

Configuration and rollout of SCCM analog to 1,700 Windows XP & 7, POSREADY 2009 & 7 and Linux machines. Further configuration including setting up weekly rolling patch scheduling, scripted software installs and inventory reporting.

Setup and automated management of Citrix XenServer machines in large pools to support RDS sessions for over 5000 employees.

Cloud Management

Managed hybrid cloud deployments including Azure, AWS and On Premise elements. Untrusted VNet creation to allow developers to test with no security ramifications.

Creation of Site to Site VPNs with Azure VNets to reduce bandwidth demand on On-Premises network components.

Networking & Security

From tasks including penetration testing 3rd party integrations to managing desktop and server patching, I have been responsible for the security of critical internal networks.

I have designed, deployed and managed multi-VLAN networks with Cisco, HP and Aruba hardware, in order to reduce PCI-DSS scope.

Ecommerce Environments

Worked for a Tier 1 Merchant as an ISA which included writing a PCI ROC (Report on Compliance), onboardinging multiple security partners for ASV Scans and Penetration Testing

Writing internal security policies and confirming adherance to them when conducting security assessments on 3rd party integrations.